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REVELATION OF DOOM is really how Blackened Death Metal started out in the early days with VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM. Hellish blasphemic brutality witching Metal! Ugly, chaotic and heavy as fuck - a glorious return to the old school sound, not for those of you who prefer nice music.

My Last Chapter:
Bloody hell. It doesn’t take long into the opening track before I start screaming “six six six” in the chorus. This just draws you into its whirlwind of old school death, and doesn’t let go. The bass is ripping flesh and the guitars are severing limbs. The drums are running over its victims over in a bulldozer tank and the vocals are conjuring demons, wraiths and whatnot, to maim, kill and destroy. Utterly evil and satanic, and fucking outrageously energetic. It is dirty, raw and fast, and I’m loving it!
The use of samples in the intro of The goatwhore is so freaking cool and hilarious, you just gotta here it. And that’s a track that stands out from the rest of the album, as it is extremely thrash oriented, whereas Shemhamforash as a whole is more of black metal flavored death metal in the old school vein (although the thrash pops up every now and then). And I absolutely love the slow part of "As the God so the servants"; the strings really puts you in a catatonic state as the same time as the hammering kick drum gets the adrenaline rushing. But it doesn’t take very long before the blasting sets in once again, and with that adrenaline flowing through your veins it’s hard not to hit something. The music really gets me going and makes me wanna do things that’s frowned upon under normal circumstances. But this is no normal circumstance, ‘cause it’s rarely that I come across a record that has it all – energy, brutality, excellent songwriting and musicianship, killer sound, variety, wicked vocals… It is just top notch.
Revelation of Doom didn’t fully convince me on their split with Throneum, but after this I’ll never doubt again. There are so many crushing moments during the 36 minutes it lasts; like the arse-shredding screams in "Phalluscipher the godcrusher", or the lurking keyboard in "Messenger of darkness" (creating such a terrific and blasphemic atmosphere). It’s nothing short of mindblowing.

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