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ASEDIO - El Origen de Todos los Males CD

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Second release of this Mexican death/thrash metal band with the taste of the sound of early 90's.

Metal Archives [99%]:
This year is a really good period when it comes to the thrash releases. New albums were recorded by such names as Testament, Kreator, Tankard, Destruction, also many young metal crews stated that they had found thrash metal instead of their blood. I don’t want to write and cogitate if it is the next trend or fashion, or it is not, the main thing from my point of view is that Mexican Asedio is amongst those many young bands playing this kind of metal. The band, coming from Ecatepec, released the second album called “El Orígen de Todos los Males” (in English: “the root of all evil”), but the songs has been published in the web since the end of the previous year. So, delay is enormous, time was dragging on unmercifully, because their first album “Somos Nada” really thrilled my metal world and maltreated my senses in absolutely positive way. And what is more, their debut album is the best newcomer in this century in all metal categories. Thus my expectations were gigantic, and Asedio had to face really challenging task to prove metal quality and show that “Somos Nada” wasn’t accidental performance. And if the band managed to record the album on proper level, the main question strikes my mind: did new album beat the debut? With hope yet with some anxiety I came into the world of “El Orígen de Todos los Males”…
The first thing I knew about the album was the front cover. And I have to write frankly that is simply perfect, in the nowadays flood of new pictures, this one is very recognizable. In one word: appetizer. Even if all the songs were ready to download from the web, I decided not to listen to them. So I was patiently waiting many months for the package from American Line (Asedio’s label). Someone can say I’m fucking insane or something like this, but I really don’t care. If I have a physical copy, I can listen to the recording and review it. Period. Finally, the cd has landed, so long wait has given its fruits. The first surprise: only almost 28 minutes of running time and one instrumental song that opens the entirety. The next element: production, fortunately still drowned in the chains of underground. The sound is massive, selective, vivid and pounding the mind, thus everything is perfectly audible here and served in proper proportions. This sound isn’t so harsh and raw as compared with the debut album, it is given in rather modern way, but fortunately with no signs of artificiality, such common in present metal productions. Simply, the new album has a really good realization of sound.
And what about the main element? What about the music? For sure releasing such killing stuff as “Somos Nada” cannot force me to praise blindly new performance, but I can state absolutely consciously that the second album is undisputedly better. In the review of their debut, I had a wish. I knew about the band’s metal talent, and I wanted to hear more their activities in this way. And now, during listening to the material I know that the power of metal has not been lost. The interesting thing is placing instrumental miniature (lasting almost one minute) as an intro, fortunately it isn’t done on keyboards, by on guitars only. It is just perfect start to the upcoming record and in my opinion it is like a small determinant of the things to come. I mean, it has some kind of fearful and horrific yet full of sorrow atmosphere, and to be honest, I didn’t expect such a fine opening. But I assure that Asedio didn’t change the thrash style into death/doom or stuff like that. One minute passes by, and “Morbosidad del Alma” enters the stage. And it simply crushes my head! This track is a quintessence of the whole album, where after rather slow riffs work, the voice of Jorge Baez gives a signal to attack. As compared with the debut, Jorge brought more brutality to his vocal lines, now he prefers growling-like style (with some blackish screams in some parts), again in Spanish, however his effort here is very clear and understandable.
Of course riffs are the base of Asedio music, that’s obvious for the thrash crew, mostly they are played in fast tempos. Although I heard many of them, here there is a really fresh work from both guitarists. And each song is confirmation of my words. Still I can hear stunning melodies in thrashy way, but this time Asedio didn’t show melody lines like for example in the first track “Batalla Contra la Esperanza” from the previous album. Here I got more sounds ‘in hiding’, what makes this album more difficult in overall perception. But do not get me wrong, musicians didn’t serve complicated music and broken arhythmic tempos. This is very direct and straight-forward music which has only one task: to conquer my senses. And only one song is longer than magical three minutes and this is the title one. It is hard to state if it is the best one, but for sure “El Orígen de Todos los Males” is a track which I cannot leave without any words. It is opened by child cry, then very calm yet absolutely sad guitar work lasts until about forty second, when heavy guitars and rhythm section join. Believe me, I heard many so-called songs full of all-embracing sadness, it was characteristic for death/doom scene from the nineties, but aforementioned beginning beats everything I have ever heard in this genre before. In addition, the sadness feeling is strengthened by all artwork inside the booklet. The title killer isn’t maintained in slow or mid-tempo, but I’d like to glorify the chorus, tempo changing and two superb guitar leads. Simply I love this track, its atmosphere and exploiting layers of thrash energy. So after six minutes the last song “Vastagos del Miedo” brings another hurricane tunes, it is still classic band shot in my head, but there is one thing I cannot understand. And I have some remembrances from the closing track “Victimas de la Prohibición” from the debut. Here the situation is the same. From my point of view the track is incomplete (yes, that’s correct word!). Well, when the song reaches 2:50, everything becomes calmer and gives place absolutely amazing guitar lead. It is a very good idea to end the album in this way, but it lasts merely 35 seconds and I want to hear more such paralyzing and memorable sounds. I think the sounds disappear suddenly and I can’t put up with this. My overall mark isn’t maximal and it gets out of the ending of “Vastagos del Miedo” only… but from the other hand, I don’t treat it as a drawback.
I’m not going to write in detail about whole musical entirety. The remainder is also maintained in top-notch performance beyond the shadow of a doubt. Fast attacking riffs dominate with some rhythmical breaks here but the drummer Samuel Segura fortunately doesn’t use blast beats (of course he doesn’t, it is pure thrashy energy exclusively!), the solo leads are played in faster tempos (“Esencia de la Negación”, “Virtud de la Ambición”, “Culto a la Rebelión”) or slower (“Morbosidad del Alma”, “Monumento a la Indignidad”). Each song has an enormous potential to be a live killer for supporters and metal maniacs. The shortness of this material causes that every single second coming to my mind is worth its weight in gold. Moreover, Asedio for me is some kind of revelation with a real power of true metal with no idea to pollute their murderous compositions by any modern shit. Everything has its place: music, songs, vast imagination, metal vision, choosing the best form of expression and front cover. What is more, in inundation of so many materials coming from every site, Asedio is like an emperor amongst village fools. I am surprised myself a bit writing such words about this album, when I compare it with the records from this year released even by big and famous metal names, and to put it briefly, I can see no rivals for these Mexicans. I am quite old metal freak, I listened to many metal sounds in my life, and now I am really happy during listening, absorbing and praising such thrilling and stunning thrash record. It gives me a hope that nowadays metal still has something to say, and the foreseeable future is just great for the band with such spirit of metal. And for sure, by this album Asedio joins the pantheon of Mexican metal gods. Yes, absolutely superb stuff…
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