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CALM HATCHERY - Sacrilege of Humanity CD

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CALM HATCHERY, death metal quintet from northern Poland, featuring past and present members of DEAD INFECTION and TEHACE have just released their new, second album.
"Sacrilege Of Humanity" is technical, brutal death metal inspired by such genre leaders as NILE, MORBID ANGEL, DECAPITATED, IMMOLATION.
Flawless sound of second Calm Hatchery is guaranteed by Hertz Studio, Bialystok where the album was recorded and supervised by Wiesławscy Bros (BEHEMOTH, VADER, HATE).
This is a must have for fans of technical and brutal death metal! 7.5/10
Violence Magazine 4.5/5 13/15
Helldriver 6/7 10/15
TheConcordian 8/10
Zwaremetalen 80/100
TheMetalRegister 4/5 75/100
Immortal Spirit Of Metal 9.5/10
Infernal Masquerade 88/100
Heavy Blog Is Heavy 4/5
Chaos Vault 8/10
Lords of Metal 75/100 7.5/10 8.5/10 8/10 7/10 7/10
Hall Of Metal 8.8/10

Global Domination:
All in all, this is a well crafted album. Technical, brutal and at times darkly melodic, this album is sure to find this band quite a few fans amongst traditional old school death metal fans as well as those into more alternative sounding death metal such as Nile. Highly recommended.
Very quality death metal from a band with a huge future ahead of them.

Teeth Of The Divine:
Good Polish death metal (seems redundant, doesn’t it?) on a good Polish metal label. I needed this, as from what I can recall it’s been a while since I’ve had a filling meal from one of Poland’s head chefs. Calm Hatchery’s Sacrilege of Humanity is modern, chunky, and memorable. Chew your food for Christ’s sake!
Played with precision and chops, the tunes here hit like a police battering room through a crack house door. Familiarly Polish in its death metal approach and reminding in some ways of Decapitated, there is also a strong USDM presence, including a vocal approach from Szczepan that recalls Ross Dolan’s (Immolation) later years’ work, albeit crossed with typical Polish guttural oomph, and delivered with some intelligibility. You can even hear shades of Nile at various points, as is the case during the galloping pestilence of “Lost in the Sands” Technical, yes, whether the bursts of arpeggio sweeping or the tightly angular transitions and cadences, but Sacrilege of Humanity never loses the forest for the trees; not by a long shot. Songs like “Messerschmitt” (the alternating vocals on the chorus are perfect) and the downright infectious “We are the Universe,” which grabs my attention each and every time, are built for memory retention. Calm Hatchery has taken care to make the accent and changeups as impacting as possible too, as demonstrated by the use of gang shouts on “Them.” Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.
I recall a time some years back when it seemed like every other death metal album that came out of Poland reached the gold standard. That’s not to imply that Poland isn’t still a hotbed of death; only that Sacrilege of Humanity brought back those memories with a vengeance. Solid through and through, Calm Hatchery has made a death metal fan’s death metal album. Are you with me out there? -- Scott Alisoglu

Heavy Blog Is Heavy:
These guys know how to play and they execute it well for the most part. Combine it with the arrangement of the music that gives the album a thematic direction and some sexy production that puts some life into the record and avoids annoyingly loud drums (cough Neaera) and you have Sacrilege of Humanity. It’s not going to be the album of 2010, but it’s certainly an album everyone should check out.
Welcome to the repeat button on iTunes, Calm Hatchery. You earned it.

Infernal Masquerade:
Today we find making its way up our ridiculously long review queue Calm Hatchery’s second full-length album “Sacrilege of Humanity”. While we expected a very typical and maybe even good Death Metal album, we found more that we bargained for and we completely loved this both crushing and melodic release from these Polish metalheads.
“Sacrilege of Humanity” starts of very ‘traditionally’ with the typical catchy riffs, chugging melodies, massive drumming and growls. It’s not until the middle of the song “We are the Universe” where you start noticing an unusual amount of ‘melody’ in this song. In “Mirror Giants” the band exploits some more melodic and technical sounds half-way through the song making this piece one of the most interesting of the release, and leaving us with an even more puzzled look on our faces that comes back again with the song “Them”.
After thinking we were listening to the wrong band or that our play list was on random, we started to enjoy Calm Hatchery’s ‘bipolar’ approach to Death Metal. On one side you have the very straight forward traditional approach, and on the other side you have moments of technical brilliance and high melodic content, making the band’s songs very diverse and effective.
Fans of traditional DM need not to worry, since Clam Hatchery has done their homework and plays the genre flawlessly (i.e. “Shine for the Chosen One”), but it’s when they shake things up that appeal the most to the listener. Adorning chugging riffing with fast paced solos and super elaborate drumming is how this band will surely get attention from people. While we all know that Death Metal can get a bit boring after a while, on “Sacrilege of Humanity” this never happens and the album keeps getting better and better as it comes closer to the end.
With superb guitar work, very brutal (and elaborate) drumming, and perfect growls, Calm Hatchery will surely please and impress most Death Metal fans these days. Being the band’s second full-length album, we can’t wait until they mature more musically and release even better albums, but until then we can enjoy “Sacrilege of Humanity”.

The first thing that's obvious about Poland's Calm Hatchery is that they're heavily influenced by New York death metallers Immolation and by the hybrid genre of death/grind. The jackhammer drums and snaking leads recall Immo's most memorable moments, but Calm Hatchery's material is of such high quality that they rival their forebears.
The tempo never drops, and while such a lack of variety would normally be points against, the effect here is that the album never loses its focus. Clocking in at 40 minutes, the album is by no means short, but Sacrilege of Humanity seems to speed past, sowing destruction in its wake. There are no weak tracks, and there are no weak links within the band. Death metal isn't a genre with much crossover appeal, and Sacrilege of Humanity is no exception, but if you've already been converted and can accept that the genre has evolved since 1995 then this record comes highly recommended. 7.5/10
Violence Magazine 4.5/5 13/15
Helldriver 6/7 10/15
TheConcordian 8/10
Zwaremetalen 80/100
TheMetalRegister 4/5 75/100
Immortal Spirit Of Metal 9.5/10
Infernal Masquerade 88/100
Heavy Blog Is Heavy 4/5
Chaos Vault 8/10

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