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Cirith Gorgor consolidates its position as the Benelux’s #1 Black Metal band... “Sovereign” leaves only scorched earth!

Cirith Gorgor’s origin and roots go deep back into time, and can be traced back to the beginnings of the Dutch black metal scene. With their debut demo “Mystic Legends” Cirith Gorgor gets noticed, and soon legendary French label Osmose Productions makes a deal with these Dutch devil worshippers. In those earlier years of Cirith Gorgor the band releases two classics, but by the beginning of the 21st century a conscious return to the underground starts to make them less visible.

Within the Netherlands’ Black Metal scene, Cirith Gorgor is the most respected band, by far and without any competition. To some extent they can be seen as the Dutch equivalent to Marduk and Craft, though Cirith Gorgor had a more old-school sound and style, until recently: every album they did took you back to that time when bands like Marduk, for example, unleashed their instantly recognizable, “ready for war” brand of music upon the world, but this slowly changed.

With 22+ years on the clock at the time of their newest release, Cirith Gorgor know where they want to go musically, and they have managed to perfect their style through the years. Of course, several elements found on ‘Sovereign’ can be traced back to some illustrious genre cohorts, but all with a twist of their own, with a very strong identity and top quality. Speed and intensity are undeniably key ingredients of their brand of Black Metal, but well into its fourth decade of existence, the genre has been populated by countless bands that have shown us that way more flavors can be added to the mix. That is exacly what Cirith Gorgor do on “Sovereign”!

Respect Cirith Gorgor’s legacy & past, but keep a fresh mind, Cirith Gorgor A.D. 2019 is all together an entity of a different kind. Cirith Gorgor is the Phoenix, risen and reborn from its proud ashes of the past, reborn in a much stronger form, reborn to take all true followers of the dark black metal cult by ultimate surprise!

For fans of: Marduk, Craft, Funeral Mist, Dark Funeral, Immortal

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