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INHERIT DISEASE - Visceral Transcendence CD

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Second full album of this great american Brutal Death Metal band in the vein of DISAVOWED or SUFFOCATION.

Metal Archives:
Back in 2006, I was introduced to this band via a post in the SMN News death metal discussion board. Their 2006 effort and debut full length "Procreating an Apocalypse" was a highly enjoyable effort that was absolutely crushing. While not completely reinventing the wheel, the album was chock full of absolutely evil riffing that proved to be quite catchy, all sprinkled liberally with well placed "slam" sections that elephant stomped my cranium on each listen. The album was a part of my regular listening rotation for many months, but as time had passed I put these guys on the back burner, while never quite forgetting the potential they exhibited on their debut release.
Enter 2010. During one of my semi-regular visits to the SMN News death metal discussion forum in which I continue to conduct my never ending search for quality death metal, I see a post giving info on a new Inherit Disease full length, titled "Visceral Transcendence". The album was quickly obtained by me and given an excited listen. As the first track bursts out of the gate, it becomes quite apparent that this band has improved on many levels. For one, they upped the technical factor. Not technical to the point where nothing sticks, but all of the instrumentation has been brought up several notches.
One of the only gripes I had concerning their debut was the lazy drum performance, the guy's blasts sounded weak as shit and his contribution seemed rather elementary compared to the rest of the band. On Visceral Transendance, the drumming is superb. Blasts are accompanied by well placed embellishments and cymbal work, and there is just alot more variety as far as the drums are concerned.
I had mentioned that the guitar work on their debut stood out to me for being quite evil, even for a genre where evilness is supposed to be pretty much a given. The atonal tremolo picked phrases where also surprisingly catchy and got stuck in my head for days. On Visceral, the riffing is alot more serpentine, lurching, and abstract. The catchiness isnt quite as apparent, due to the increased complexity of both the instrumentation and the song arrangements, but even so the guitar work presented here is a definite step up from the already enjoyable playing that I had witnessed on this band's debut. Slam sections are still present, but take a backseat to the twisted maelstrom of mindfuck riffery and arrangements that continue to pulverize me into a state of quality brutal death metal induced extacy with each listen.
Just like on the promising debut, the bass is surprisingly audible and can be heard clanging away to the guitars with ease. This guy knows his way around the bass and although he sticks to following the guitars for the most part, doing just that must be a feat in itself. Being able to hear the bass clear as day cutting through the rest of the production is a huge win in my book and adds to the quality of this brutal DM release.
Vocals have improved. The guy still has that toilet bowl gurgle spew thing going on, but to me he sounds much deeper and pronounced when compared to his contribution to the band's debut. The guy sounds simply crushing and has provided one of my favorite vocal performances of the year as far as a death metal release is concerned.
Analyzing producton is not my forte but I know when something sounds clear, and this release sounds amazing as far as production is concerned. Every component of the drum kit is highly audible. The rolling blasts, the thundering double bass work, the plentiful accents and embellishments provided by the cymbals, its all there and can be heard quite well. The only thing drum production wise that might turn off some folks is the tight, metallic sound provided by the snare, (think Deeds of Flesh's "Crown of Souls") but I personally love the sound of a good blast when utilizing a snare set up in this fashion. As stated before, bass is highly audible. Vocals are absolutely monstrous and yet they do not overpower the instrumentation in any way. The guitar production enables all of the riffing to be easily distinguished and I have no complaints regarding this aspect or any other aspect of the production for this release.
So yeah, Inherit Disease is a top notch brutal death metal band. If you worship bands like suffocation, disgorge, and defeated sanity, you need to wrap your brain around this album. This release is guaranteed to be in my top five death metal releases of 2010, and I will continue to let it destroy my ears with its greatness for many months to come.

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