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Beware, degenerated Generation XP! Cleanse your pallet with a potent jackhammer while the German ambassadors of Grindpunk incite you with more short prose of visionism about us and society, molest you with more vocal-battles between deep-grunted growls and high-pitched screamings, penetrate you with more devastating grind, and annoy you with more ultra-fast HC, mind-blowing blast beats plus a fair amount of good old death metal. Don’t expect less, stand back and let JaKa in!

Metal Rage:
I’ll start with a brief overview of JaKa, fully named Japanische Kampfhörspiele. It started out with a common interest in Grindcore by two students. JaKa was a noiseband at first and not actually a band to be held serious. With some other musicians they recorded some demo’s like ‘Sektion JaKa’ which were all very bad produced and not to be considered decent grindcore, of course it was quite underground. The first real attack on the music business was with their first studio produced album ‘JaKa’. The sound was a lot better and the music was very technical as well! Then they’ve recorded a second album, which I do not know of. I only heard 'JaKa’. Now I hold the next studio album of JaKa called ‘Hardcore Aus Der Erste Welt’ in my
hands, and I’ll try to indicate my personal thought about this album.
No Intro’s, No talking or moaning, just some outstanding piece of work from beginning to the end. That was actually the first thought that rose in my head when I first heard the album. After listening to it almost a dozen times I could behold everything this album offers. The first song Verpackt In Plastik opens furiously with a menacing riff that shakes the eardrums. The guitar work is freaky and quite technical, and they use rhythm schemes I would never thought of using. I only can state this, as a musician, by adding a big plus for the technical aspect of the music. The vocals are a lot different, because it switches regularly from deep growling and high pitched screams. I found that I did not like some parts of the vocals, but overall I surely was satisfied. What is said above also approves to the rest of the album. It differs from Thrashy riffs in Abflussbestattung to real guitar mauling in Koscher. This was the song that gave me the laughs though, because of the real freaky vocals. The song length of the average song is around 1.45 minutes, but you can expect songs from 4 minutes to songs of 17 seconds. The last plus about this album is the real ravaging song Chemie.
If you aren’t familiar with JaKa’s music, then this album will give you a fair introduction to them. Personally I think they have surpassed themselves with this album and people who can appreciate grindcore and The Dillinger Escape Plan should give this album a try. You’ll also get a laugh when you know a little of the German language and look at the titles. Good luck!

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