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On their new album “Rauchen und Yoga”, JAKA come across faster, harder, more progressive (yeah right), but most importantly catchier than ever before. Along all the usual fretboard-madness and blasting a lot of real popgrind-hooks have been added to the music. The lyrical metaphors are tough as always, but the vocal lines are surprisingly catchy. On the other side the production for sure is the most brutal the band has ever had to offer. Produced by Carsten Rehmann (yes, the drummer from “AntonB” from the legendary 80ies documentary “Trash Altenessen”) and mixed by no other than Robert Adam himself the production this time simply destroys everything the band has produced to this date. The yellow one from the JAKA-boys will be stuck in your ears by the end of 2007!

Lords of Metal:
Who said that Germans do not have a sense of humour? That guy has obviously never heard the insane grindcore as produced by Japanische Kampfhörspiele (JaKa for friends). Come on! Which self-respecting extreme metal band calls their newest album ‘Rauchen Und Yoga’, wraps it in a hellishly yellow jacket and starts off with an impression of how ‘We Will Rock You’ would sound when Korn were to cover it? To make the picture complete they tell us dead-serious that the most fitting label for the new record is ‘popgrind’…
Surprisingly, this term hits the nail right on the head. ‘Rauchen Und Yoga’ is by far not as technical and complex as their previous album ‘Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt’ (2004). The songs are more to the point and much more accessible thanks to simple structuring and catchy melodies. JaKa will (thankfully) not top the charts just yet, although the last song ‘Verrat Am Metal’ does hint that this might be their next objective. These quirky Germans play more accessibly than ever before, which might prove a small disappointment, if you do not see the humour in it. I think they are brilliant and I am already in heavy anticipation of their next weird move. These Germans are crazy!

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