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MALIGNANCY - Inhuman Grotesqueries LP

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The long awaited second full length from New York's Malignancy. Inhuman Grotesqueries is an extremely brutal and insane blend of death/grind that sees the band pushing boundries in all areas. A pinch harmonic lovers dream, Inhuman Grotesqueries is a benchmark in brutality and pure insanity.
Warning: Not For The Faint Of Heart!
Yes, this album is savage, it will melt your brain and will turn your limbs into pudding, it's Malignancy returning from the bizarre world of intense time signatures and technical patterns wrapped with twisted brutality and spastic riffing. Brutal Death from the depths of the goriest metal blender, ultra fast, insanely complex and hostile music specially made for solid ears...
This band is surely not suitable for everyone and that's maybe their human weakness, while the ultra-gore and brutal fanatics of Torsofuck and Last Days Of Humanity will find this album to be half mild, the Tech Death virtuosos who love Quo Vadis and Martyr will get scared by the logo of the band itself. But Malignancy still sounds better than most Deeds Of Flesh followers, they are more than that, they managed to merge grotesque brutality and technicality in their music, they don't exploit the usual blast-beats to form aggression, they instead use the speed of light to play insanely fast to finally create a steep version of Brutal Death Metal...yeah's really difficult to explain.
The truth is, Malignancy plays a little different than the usual BDM act with nothing but noise and blasts to offer, their songwriting is never linear and that's what makes this band so surprising; I do know this album won't change the minds of regular Death fans, but I'm also aware that people who's able to take "a little more" will be pleased and fulfilled. The people who had the guts to take Odious Mortem and Severe Torture home will be the ones who will at least understand and then love this CD.
Once again we get to see another "Tony Koehl" in a BDM album, I do prefer his "violent" paintings rather than his "disgusting" ones though, this cover just grossed me out badly but I guess it fits with the overall concept. Anyway, overall this is a great album from a bunch of sickos... clever sickos... but sickos none the less.
Best Tracks: "Genital Hemangioma", "Neglected Rejection", "Protagonist Complacence"

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