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The fourth overall full length from PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT is chock full of burly, lumberjack like riffs that chop and smack and thrash all the way until the very end. Descendants Of Depravity is an exercise in brutality, speed, and aggression, sure to please fans of Impaled, Decapitated, and Suffocation.

Metal Archives:
I must say these guys have improved a lot. They became really technical and still maintain that heavy ass wicked riffing they always had, their vocalist sounds much more aggressive (although I do prefer their former vocalist) and the drummer sounds pretty intense, even though they sound kind of triggered. They could easily be compared with bands like Hate, Vader, Decapitated, Zyklon or even Kronos.
First of all the drummer Mike sounds pretty damn intense, with nonstop double bass parts, extremely ace blast beating and very elaborated chops. ''The Sadist King and The Generalssimo of Pain'' proves how much stamina he has, attacking your ears with superb beats at all moments. ''in Sanity Concealed'' is another good example. Now add their skilled guitarists Niels and Danny, which perfectly blend their savage riffs with Mike's drums. Guitars sound very solid with lots of catchy riffs and brutal passages, these guys know how to create truly brutal sounding metal, and of course, crazy solos aren't absent (''Storm of the fiend'' thou must hear)
With all these characteristics, there was something that made this album rating go down a little bit, which was the bass. Although it does have a nice tone, Patrick never stands out with his bass guitar. He's only following the guitar melody, and the tone could also improve a little bit. The bass does its job perfectly, but it never stands out, it's just there.
Now let me tell you their vocalist Niels knows how to pull some aggressive old school death metal roars. Again, nothing out of this world, but still worth checking out. Although I do enjoy their former gurgling voice and the high pitched vocals, I certainly think old school roars sound much more brutal
Definitely worth the 20 bucks I spent getting this album. Recommended for true metal fans.

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