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PROTESTERA - 01.05.1886 CD (digipak)

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Utterly political, raging crustpunk, driven with fe/male vocals. This disc gives us a new approach to society and it’s boundaries. Taking up where Rock n riot left off; 01.05.1886 are the natural continuation of the 2nd album. The album is essential in every home; not just the punkcollection. Everyone has to reflect upon which society we wanna live in. Do we need war? Do we need the capitalistic system?


My Last Chapter:
Protestera’s finally back with a new album. The predecessor, Rock ‘n’ riot, was released back in 2005, and since then all I’ve heard was a four-track EP, from which one of the songs have been re-recorded for 01.05.1886. The album starts off in a classical way; slow and easy, before the onslaught of raging, ultra-leftwing propaganda sets in. There’s no question about whether or not this is a political bunch, and there shouldn’t be either. According to be lads and gal the band’s ambition is to bring politics and punk together, and hence the lyrics are filled with propaganda, but also some food for thoughts.
I think I’ve personally grown a bit too weary with the world, and I honestly can’t see a better one to evolve, no matter how much the grassroots struggle I think it’s just too late. But kudos to them for having the energy to still fight, ‘cause I sure as hell don’t. And that’s probably why most of the lyrics don’t affect me as much as they would’ve ten years ago. The only time I really feel the adrenaline rushing (due to the lyrical content) is during Ett folk har rest sig. But musically they’ve got everything going for them. Fortunately they’ve left the rocking tendencies behind this time, and have matured into a powerful mixture of punk, hardcore, crustcore and even some metal flirtations. Said track, Ett folk har rest sig, starts off in a Paint it black-manner, and it instantly gets my attention as a listener. Arbetets döttrar feels a bit like a classic recipe for earlier punk rock, up until the grinding suddenly sets in. Accompanied by a slick melodic guitar line it’s ‘cause for a massively energetic piece. And the slick guitar lines pop up every now and then throughout the album, showing a prowess for captivating riffing alongside the overall aggression the music brings forth. They know what they’re doing, and they’ve taken their older and purer anarchopunk sound to a whole other level.
The balance between ferocity due to the raging vocals, the general energy of the music, and the melody, makes it a very powerful album. Everything from Operation, Homomilitia, Ballast, After the Bombs, Detestation and State of Fear comes to mind. The list could go on and on, in particular since the music of 01.05.1886 is rather versatile in a not-so-in-your-face kind of way. A great album, no doubt about it.

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