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THE DEAD - Ritual Executions CD

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The second full length album of the Australian band The Dead is a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping death metal and miasmic sludgy/stoner doom. Perfectly arranged to maintain a sublime, engrossing balance, the combination of sharp, visceral hooks and massive doom trudges with remarkably groovy parts render Ritual Executions one of the most unique and fascinating albums to be released in this era. The remixing and remastering done by Aphotic Mote (Portal) specially for this DC Records version makes the originally dense and suffocating Ritual Executions much more breathable but retains the rawness and underground vibe that bring The Dead to life. The modified artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee suitably captures the essence and horrific otherworldly feel of The Dead's music - only a band member could achieve that.

Diabolical Conquest Records version of the sold out 'Ritual Executions' album has a modified colour artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee and is specially re-mixed and re-mastered by Aphotic Mote of the famed Australian death metal band Portal. It also has an 8-side booklet with additional artworks.

'Ritual Executions' is the first release of Diabolical Conquest Records.

Our burgeoning battalion of today is fronted by the likes of Funebrarum, Witchrist, Teitanblood, Cemetery Urn, Excoriate (Deu), Ignivomous, and they're all collectively hurling their stony fists directly into the face of all that's spit-shined and punctiliously delivered from the more intricate end of the death metal spectrum. Which fittingly leads me into yet another addition to our Paleolithic Ranks: Australia's purveyors of putridity, The Dead. I'm pleased to see this band forge ahead with each subsequent release to elbow themselves amongst the expanding ranks of furrow-browed Cro-Magnons currently dragging knuckles through the death metal 'scape. Score one for the inaugural release from Diabolical Conquest Records: I say, long live The Dead.

Born In Blood zine:
Some might say (I know I did) that Autopsy’s 1991 Mental Funeral album was the first Stoner Death Metal album. I mention this because nearly 20 years later we have another one... The Dead are not a Death Metal Band, they play a cutting, exciting, and innovative blend of Stoner, Death Metal and Doom, rarely heard these days. They are that rarest of things, original.

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