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UNCONSECRATED - Unconsecrated Cemetery Dark Awakening CD

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Old School Death Metal from Spain with pure Swedish sound and influences from bands like CARNAGE, CARBONIZED, CREMATORY, UNLEASHED, GOD MACABRE.

Metal Archives:
Lets point out the obvious and say that Spain is better known for their grind scene, with great acts like Altar of Giallo, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Machetazo, Haemorrhage etc. Just looking at some of the great grind bands that Spain has produced, it isn't all that surprising to see some awesome death metal bands also lurking around there, such as Graveyard (also a band worth checking out), and of course, this band!
So this is where Unconsecrated comes in. Influenced by old school Swedish death, they have come to show this poser ridden world how pure death should be played! Just by listening to these guys, I can name a few influences off the top of my head such as God Macabre, Unleashed, DismembeR, Repugnant, old Entombed, and Kaamos. Its very impressive that they make 13 songs, clocking in at just over 59 minutes, with absolutely no filler (as well as an AWESOME FUCKING UNLEASHED cover song!!), no two songs come off sounding similar, each song has fresh ideas, and there are ghastly surprises and twists in some of the songs. The songwriting is awesome, and has variety, with tasteful midpace sections, some slower doomy passages that ooze of death, and of course a lot of vile fastpaced crushing death metal shredding parts. The production really suits the music being played, it is relatively clean and everything is audible with a thick crunchy tone, yet the instruments have a slightly dirty kick ass old school edge to them. The lyrics are also worth special mention, they cover all the great things in underground death metal, like zombies rising from their graves and eating isolated families, the dead taking over the world, horror, and ofcourse blasphemous rituals aimed at resurrecting Satan!
The guitaring is really well done, you get a lot of juicy Stockholm-inspired melodies in each song. The guitaring has aggression, and creates an evil filthy atmosphere. The one thing that the band really emphasized on this album is the riffing, most of the time there are two guitars playing simultaneously, they blend into each other to make one great sound that is written with absolute perfection, there is NO filler riffing whatsoever. A lot of the riffs are thrash influenced, and there is also a lot of harmonising going on with the guitaring which is great.
The bass guitar adds to the thickness of the album (which is what the bass is for!), and mostly follows the guitar, but there are parts where it stands out as an instrument. Definitely no complaints in that department.
The vocals are great, and there are a lot of different styles of vocals, lots of aggression and attitude in the vocals (no pig squeals thankfully), but most of the time the vocalist makes use of lower pitched harsh screams. There are even a few three-second moments of greatness where the drumming stops, the guitar work focuses on playing creepy atmospheric riffing, and the vocalist says a few words with a cheesy evil narrative voice (I love cheese!). I'd have to say that the vocalist is influenced mostly by early Unleashed.
The drumming is done by a drum program, I know this is usually a turn off, but it feels like there is a real drummer in the mix, it has a thick meaty aggressive raw sound that gives the drumming a barbaric death metal feel. In fact I'd go as far to say that the drum tone over here destroys the countless hordes of fake "death metal" bands where the tone sounds like more like a type writer than real drums (and the sad thing is that sometimes these bands even have a real drummer, which makes it even more embarrassing). The drumming here follows a thrash formula, but not as a rule, as there are lots of interesting sections where drumming stands out (in a good way), and there are also some parts where the drumming resembles 80's hardcore punk. The most important thing regarding the drumming in general, is that it must follow the pace of the music and keep up with the guitar. While most of bands that use drum machines seem to forget about this rule, and put the drumming on turbo boost and turn the song into a whirlwind of crap, I'm pleased to say that Unconsecrated really programmed the drumming very well here.
Overall, this is an awesome cd, definitely one of the better buys I've had so far this year and it reminded me why I still listen to metal. A must have for old school death metal maniacs!

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