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VENGANZA - Nunca Digas Muerto 7"EP

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New 7" from this BAND from Zaragoza (Spain). Pure punk-hardcore, raw, angry and direct in your face. 5 monumental songs that soon will became HYMNS. Nothing more to say since their lyrics talk by themselfs.
"That zine had marginalize you because your band logo is pixeled. They don't play your songs in their radio show because you war tracksuit in your photos. You are not a friend of the cool guys of the "scene" and your star isn't shinning in their cover. You are not from Barcelona neither New York, you play in a punk band FUCK OFF! That gurus are laughing at you because you play d-beat and not postpunk. You have not being invited to their parties because your jacket is from the supermarket. Your songs are just jokes for them, you are from a small city so you don't exist in their map. You are not in their "top ten", you have not a patron, you are not a model in their catwalk."
Recorded, mixed and mastered at La Cova (Barcelona) on December 2015 by D. Frutos. 292 copy pressed so put your hand on it fast!

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