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WORSHIP - Terranean Wake CD

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German doom cult is back! 5 years passed since the release of their last album "Dooom" which The Doommonger created using the remnants of Mad Max(RIP). German doom cult return with great album! Extremely slow rhythm almost 1 snare per 7 or more seconds! Combination of majestic heavy riffs and long tone dismal guitar melodies. Growling vocals with 3 languages, English, German and French. If you have listened to their music before, you can imagine the sound of this album. Nothing changed but much improved doom album which represents melancholy and depression of human being on the earth.


Voices From The Darkside:
German masters of creepy and lifeless (in a positive tone of the word) Funeral Doom Metal, WORSHIP, have returned back with a new album in their hands, titled "Terranean Wake". The album, that contains 4 tracks only, last nearly 56 long minutes in length though. WORSHIP's debut full-length studio album, "Dooom", seemed to go down very well among a cultivated circle of diggers of this particular genre in question. Funeral Doom Metal is meant to be ultra-slow but WORSHIP's Funeral Doom is really fuckin' extra ultra-slow on "Terranean Wake". Having almost a guilty weight of cold atmospheres, 3 different languages either growled or spoken (German, English and French) and nearly heart freezing and droning yet colossally moving moments pushed into this record, the band has again been able to maximize all the misery and sorrow by their latest work, leaving for listeners only 2 options: take your knife / chapel / razor blade / a piece of broken glass, then cut your wrists and start feeling how life starts escaping from your body - or simply enjoy the record over and over again when the winter season shows its deepest black colors but do beware sinking yourself into any stupid state of self-misery. "Terranean Wake" as wholeness, is such a masterfully composed Funeral Doom Metal record that it really allows WORSHIP rightfully to join the same leagues with the true masters of the genre, i.e. THERGOTHON, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, ESOTERIC, SKEPTICISM, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION and the likes. There's really not much to be said about this record really. If you are a devoted fan of the genre, then you surely know what to expect from these German ultra-heavy messengers of a fine and beautifully executed Funeral Doom Metal. This is what I call a true art of extreme Doom.

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